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ANC – 5 hours ago
From her lavish lifestyle of numerous houses, cars and designer clothes, businesswoman Janet Lim Napoles will live a spartan life while incarcerated in Fort Sto. Domingo in Sta. Rosa, Laguna 
Interior and Local Government Mar Roxas and PNP Chief Dir. Gen. Alan Purisima went to the camp Saturday afternoon to inspect the premises.
The whole camp, some 33 kilometers south of Makati, is on alert after a Makati City court ordered authorities to transfer Napoles there from the Makati City jail citing concerns about her security.
Inside the camp is a bungalow surrounded by a high perimeter fence that was constructed as a detention facility for former President Joseph Estrada. Sen. Gregorio Honasan and former Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) chief Nur Misuari were also former detainees there.
The bungalow has steel bars at its door, windows and ceiling, Roxas said.
After their inspection, Roxas told reporters that Napoles would not be transferred on Saturday because they needed to beef up security measures in the facility.
He said they needed to add metal bars and closed circuit TV cameras (CCTVs) for the bungalow and the visitors’ area. Roxas said they are thinking of streaming video from the CCTVs online. Napoles will be accompanied by 2 female jail personnel who must keep her in sight at all times.
Roxas also said Napoles will be eating the same food served to the SAF trainees. Napoles will not be allowed to cook her own food but food brought in by her visitors will be allowed.
Napoles will not keep any appliance inside but Roxas said they will also allow Napoles, a diabetic, to procure a small refrigerator at her expense for the bungalow so she can store her medicines. She will not be allowed to have an air-conditioning unit.
Cellphones will be banned inside the facility and her visitors will have to leave their cellphones with guards outside. Visitors will be limited to her lawyers, doctors and members of her family.
Roxas also stressed that they are not extending any VIP treatment to Napoles.
“We recognize she is not an ordinary accused… I think we all understand that the preservation of her life is not because she is a VIP but because we want her to face the law…even if she does not reveal all, she needs to face the process of our justice system as an accused,” he said.

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